Basic Rules


The score for each trick is calculated by below formula.
【Level point × Rotating magnification × Combo magnification × Dubbing magnification × Additional point magnification】

Level Points

Points are given to the tricks the player has made. Basically, tricks are classified as basic trick and tricks of level 1 to 10. Each level points are shown in the below table. When a trick that was not described in the list is made, the judge decides the score.

Number of tricks

If you did a trick an unlimited time in a sequence, you can get the points within 4 times with a same trick. But if you do a same trick more than 4 times, multiplication of tricks =0 point and number of combos isn’t counted.
F/s and B/s tricks is different things.

Level Point
Basic Trick 2
Level 1 10
Level 2 20
Level 3 30
Level 4 40
Level 5 50
Level 6 60
Level 7 70
Level 8 80
Level 9 90
Level 10 100

Trick Level List


Combo is defined as combine consecutive tricks done while bouncing. The number of combos is incremented by 1 when the following trick is made.
1. Trick before bouncing
2. Trick between bouncing
3. Trick after bouncing
The combo magnification for the number of combos is in the table below

number of combos magnification
1 ×1.0
2 ×1.1
3 ×1.2
4 ×1.3
10 ×2.0
25~ ×3.5

*In the combo, the trick made without bouncing is not counted as one.
*When a single basic trick is performed during combo, it is counted as combo interruption (number of combos = 0).


The dubbing magnification is set to 0.5. Combo will not be interrupted by dubbing.

Additional points

Grabs and styles in the trick are also counted in the point. The added point multiplication factor = 1.5.


If the trick is not completed or falls, it counts as a mistake. If you make a mistake in the middle of the combo, the combo until the trick just before the mistake is count as a point.


When the dynamic trick performed instead of the basic trick in the level trick is given the magnification in the below table.
Case 1
Buttflip = Buttbounce → Frontflip → Buttbounce Buttbounce → Frontflip → Crook
Buttflip = level point 40,
Crook = level 1 (dynamic trick → × 1.1 times)
Buttbounce → Frontflip → Crook = 40 × 1.1 = 44 points
Case 2
Buttflip = Buttbounce → Frontflip → Buttbounce Crook → Frontflip → Crook
Buttflip = level point 40, Crook = level 1 dynamic trick → × 1.1 times
Crook → Frontflip → Crook = 40 × 1.1 × 1.1 = 48.4 points

Trick level Magnification
1 ×1.1
2 ×1.2
・・ ・・
10 ×2.0

Qualifying Rules

Qualifying format

Do online qualifying with video posting
Select 3 people in 6 areas in Asia · Oceania · Europe · Africa · North America · South America
6 areas × 3 people = 18 people will be preliminary and invite them to the final round
If the number of people in each area is less than 3, participants who has top points in all areas will be selected to the preliminary selection.
We have cut off line by points. The median value + 10% of all players is taken as the pedaling threshold value.

Video rules

  • Sending video is limited to one.
  • Upload your video with unedited and 2 minutes at the most to online storage and please send your video’s URL to the executive committee. The video format is “mp4” or “mov”.
    Online storage example
    Google Drive
    Amazon Drive
  • Judgment begins when the feet are on the line. For previous tricks are not count in the scoring
  • The scoring target trick is from the first trick up to 30 tricks
  • Use the fixed camera(angle), Shoot the whole body, the mat or the ground can be seen.
  • The camera position should be set in Camera Area below (to avoid shooting from the side).
  • We request to re-post the video (in case it is difficult for the judge to recognize the trick etc…)

Rule about final tournament

  • Time is 90 seconds.
  • We will start to push a timer when you ride on the line.
  • When you are on the line, if you don’t have time, you can’t get a points at that time.
  • If you do a trick that is without trackline list, we will decide score by judger.
  • You will compete with one on one twice in semifinal to pick 8 slackliners with the highest point. They will go to final.

Term Definition

Jumping using a line
Slackline technique
Continuous tricks are done while bouncing
Continuous combo
Trick between players riding on the line and get down